The New Year is well on its way… are you?

A small hiatus maybe from the net? Tell me about you…..  How was your break?  Did you have a nice year end?  Did you enjoy your time with your families?  Did you get to see friends that you normally talk or text with but don’t always see?  Did you enjoy eating lots of yummy yummy food?  I do hope that some of those answers were ‘YES or HECK YEAH!!!’….

A bit about my holidays — I spent my time with my family, and really took a nice break enjoying time with them.  Preparing for the holidays was a bit stressful, but oh so much fun.  The anticipation of ‘I hope that he/she likes [insert gift name here]’, and the craziness of our Freddy the Elf (oh yes, we definitely do the Elf on the Shelf… just because the kids believe’.  Why not?  (Wink)  Work kept me busy, but it was nice to come home to a house full of nutty boys and good left-overs and watching them play with their new treasures.

What about the business???  I kept in touch with some of my customers which frankly…. make my creative life so much more meaningful. I want to give the spotlight to someone.   I received a particular something from one of my VIP customers Joan, and she wanted me to share this writing with you.  It has the theme of the holidays… and believe me when I tell you that it truly made my day… week.  Hmm, it just made me very happy.  Here it is….

In this, the season of love, peace and joy I would like to
write about a very beautiful and talented young woman.
I have always cherished handmade items and gifts.  I save all things given from the heart.

For almost two years now, I have met some of the most gifted
artisans on the Etsy site.  Ivon you are truly one of them!
Your positive spirit and business saavy is so very refreshing.

I love all your creative energy with your blogs, specials and
promotions. It keeps me smiling and hopping.

I have a beautiful collection of your work that continues to
grow and am so grateful to have met you. May you prosper
more and more with the new year.

Merry Christmas to you Ivon from my heart <3

I read this and it just thrills me that my work is appreciated and cherished.  That is what any and all artists want.  Joan!  You are definitely a VIP for me!  I always look forward to your messages, support, and just ‘YOU’.  You totally rock!

What can you do?  Tell me of someone who moves you, encourages you and just helps you to forge ahead?  Especially now that we are still in the beginning of the new year, this is very important.  Leave me a comment below or just come to my Facebook page and tell me there.  If you are really shy (yes, I’m lookin’ at you) feel free to email me at

Happy New Year!!!  Let’s have a Rockin’ Cultural Year!  Woo hoo!


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