The Process of Making an Orisha Inspired Wearable Art

Tonight I wanted to work on making some jewelry.  And… the unevitable happened, I was frozen with all of my supplies in front of me, and didn’t know where to start first.  (Maybe it’s because I wasn’t watching American Idol, LOL)  The challenge however was no laughing matter.  I looked at my bin of beads and I just didn’t know where to start first.  I learned a wonderful technique of bending wire, and wanted to do a pair of hot earrings, but they didn’t happen.  (I should have taken a picture of this… maybe next time.) 

I tried a few things, until I began wrapping beads around two cowrie shells.

Then I decided that I would make a Shango inspired necklace with a pair of matching earrings.  I brought out my board and began working.  This went a lot better. 

I still haven’t finished it, as the finished product I wasn’t thrilled with, but you know what?  I learned a lot on this necklace.

  1. Don’t take it so seriously
  2. Add your beads carefully – If I rush, then I can make mistakes, and I will have to redo a lot of my work which is not only time consuming, but frustrating.
  3. Do not seal the piece – This I learned with a necklace of times past.  I finished it, and held it against my neck.  I wasn’t quite sure about it, and decided to shift some parts of the necklace (as it will be double stranded).  I am taking a break, and I will be able to shift things around and put them together.

All in all, I am very happy that I have begun this set, and I cannot wait to show you, the outcome.

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