Unique Handmade for Teachers Appreciation Week

We can all relate to that teacher that would stay afterschool to tutor a student on a troubling subject. If not for us then for someone else. How about a teacher that grades papers during his/her lunch break or during what’s supposed to be weekends off?

I know that my scholar’s teachers work very hard. My scholar keeps improving and it’s obvious How he loves them. During such a week, how can I even begin to say Thank You?    How about some handmade original jewelry?

This one was in the working stages still and almost finished. It’s made with hand painted different shaped glass beads as well as matching earrings. This set isb youthful and can be used with many different styles.


This set is also in its finishing stages. I’m Very excited about this set as it has amber, glass and wooden beads. It’s Very earthy in the tones and quite colorful. I’m hoping that the teacher will be able to enjoy this set.


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