Unique simplicity of a knitted hat

I have not always liked to have what others have.  It is from the desire to be a little different that fuels my passion for the knitted and custom made work.  Which brings me to the simplicity of a knitted hat.  A hat has a main function it keeps you warm, and yet it also makes a statement to the world.  The hat will either match with your coat, be perfect for an event, but it can always match your personality. 

This gorgeous loom knit hat came about for a Yoruba priest whose color request was green.  He wanted pompoms on the hat and who am I to not oblige?  The hat came about with a gorgeous checkered design and great pompoms to match.   This hat was made with 100% wool for him.  The wool is not a solid green, as it is mixed with a mild brown which fit him perfectly as his main colors were green with brown.   

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