Warm me up hat

It is still very very cold.  And we have been having fluctuating temperatures.  From leaving the house at 5 degrees, to ice and sleet, and now 40 degrees followed by a healthy dose of rain.  What oh what is a girl to do.  I picked up my crochet hook, and a fabulous yarn, and started a hat on a whim. 

I think that sometimes inspiration can hit you anywhere, and it hit me with the changing of the weather.  One moment you have over dressed and you wish you had a simple sweater and jacket, and the other moment you are looking at trees covered in white, and another moment, you are cold again with the rain.  I wanted to have a hat to depict all of that with just color.  This is what I got at the end.


I looked at the hat, and I noticed that happily I made it long enough so that it warms up someone’s ears during the winter.  And then I asked the questions.  What if I don’t want to warm up the ears.  Then what?  And this is what I came up with.

   This is perfect!  I love a hat that can be worn many ways.  It is nice to have something hand made, but we just love to get two things for the price of one. (Hee hee hee! Why not!)

I looked at my creation with that gorgeous soft yarn, and decided that it needed a test run in the cold.  So, I took the hat outside and this is how it looked. 

    I mean how else are you going to know how the hat looks, but outside on the bare snowy elements!  How about a side view to see the gorgeous colorful design!  Of course let me know what you think.  Note that this hat is up for grabs.

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