Why start this Boutique?

I received a great email, and I decided to post a blog about it. The email is basic and it asks about ‘why you started your business’.  First of all, I would like to say, Thank you very much for your support – to all of our friends and family who have rallied behind us to boost this endeavor forward.  To those who know me, I like working with my hands, and have always been doing things from ‘scratch’.  Whether it is making bread, cakes and cookies, to aprons, pillow cases, jewelry, other accessories done by crocheting and in most recent years knitting (with two needles.)  Working with my hands is exciting to me, and very addictive.  (This is a healthy addiction!)  It helps that my husband is extremely creative.  He has travelled all over the world and has worked as a cultural artist on many venues. 

He gave me a healthy push to knit (provided the tools and classes), and he provides with his artistic view to what is made.  As I started to make things, I heard the oohs and aahs from family, friends and co-workers.  Then I began to get the “are you selling that?  You should sell it!”  I thought of just going to eBay, but someone then told me that it is good to start out small, and start out correctly from the beginning.  That way, I can learn all the necessary lessons without much risk from a beginning.   I began with selling things to friends and family, and then they started purchasing our handmade art for as gifts for their friends and family.  The decision was made to start small and humbly, but to provide outstanding costumer service just like a small boutique would.  I like the feel of a small boutique.  It’s like, when you walk in… you feel like a star.  They talk to you, treat you well, and you want to stay there and hang out and shop there all day long.  I wanted to offer an online experience with lots of communication to the world.  Communication is important in business, as with all of the electronic and cyber age, we are losing that. 

Starting a boutique business has been a labor of love.  I love what I do.  I love talking about it.  I love sharing about it.  I love talking to others who love it.  I love trying to convert others to love it too.  I love putting out to the world what has been made with so much care and love, and when something is sold, I know that it will be appreciated as much by its new home as it was in the home that it was made. 

To simplify the response – Why?  Because I love it.  I love it so much that I dream about what to make, and what it is going to be made with.

I don’t think that a business of this type can begin without genuine love!  I am happy to share, teach, and breathe in the world of the handmade crafts.  As always, thank you for your emails and thoughts.  Don’t be shy and leave me a comment as well.

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