Winter crafting

Is it just me, or does the chilling weather just ignite an inner sense to ‘craft, craft and craft’? 

Many cultures also utilized the winter months for spinning, knitting, and sewing.  Spring usually broke that once Cabin Fever had set in and was getting ready to burst.  Nowadays, we hold our lives differently and Spring does not mark a break from winter, as we are active all year round.  We have many things that we can do during the winter months.  I don’t know if it is an innate ‘human’ reaction to want to sew and knit more while I am warm and cozy in the house than in the summer months, or if it is because I love it so much.

I would have to research a little bit more as there are many cultures that also knit, crochet and sew and they live in tropical weather constantly.  I know that in South and Central America, sitting in the shade while knitting something brings a calmness to one.  I wonder if this activity also lowers the body temperature which helps to maintain the knitter in a comfortable  state. 

There is knitting all over the world, and there has to be more than just a ‘hobby’ on how this handcrafting art affects the human body.  Since it is winter for me, then I will just oblige my body into doing what it likes… knitting and sewing.  Whether it helps my body in some physiological way, or if it is just a mental/emotional thing — I feel that crafting with one’s hands is just an Art that should never ever be lost.

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