Wiry Beady Dreams

Here is a fun little story for you.  One night I am happily in dream land.  Dreamland is supposed to be a place that one can get some rest right?  Well apparently that is not the case for me.  Apparently I tend to also work in my dreams.  I dream of a necklace choker style, and I wake up and see that it is 1:ish AM (yes in the morning!)  I say to myself… Hmmm well I have to work in the morning so I have to go to sleep.    I close my eyes, and what do I see?  That darn necklace is back and I see myself putting the beads together and crocheting this necklace with beautiful wire.  I wake up… and it is now close to 2am.  It seems that sleep isn’t going to happen anymore.  I decide that if the dream was strong enough to interrupt my sleep, it deserves to be made into reality.

I got up quietly so that I don’t wake up my family.  I got my tools from the hall, and the beads from the bedroom (shhhh… ever so quietly.  Lucky me, I live with a bunch of really light sleepers. )  I got my small table and set up my working area, turned on the television and set to work.  I worked for hours straight until I realized that it was close to 5am and I have to wake up at 6am in the morning to go to work.  What is a bead crazy gal to do?  Well put every thing away ever so quietly and try to get that one hour of sleep.  (Which I did!)  Was I tired the next day?  Of course I was; however I had a wonderful satisfaction all day because of two wonderful necklaces that I made and one wonderful bracelet.   Check them out below.   I will be posting them for sale soon enough on my site’s store.  For now, check them out.  They are made with brass non tarnished wire, I crocheted this wire and added these glorious colorful vintage glass beads.  (Those beads were hard to get, and I am glad that I did get them!)  The creations came out just like I dreamed they would be.  No!  They came out even more beautiful!  What do you think??


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