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Questions 11After being online crafting and making things for a few years, a few things happen.  1.  Your followers start to get to know you.   2.  You get to know some of your followers and some become friends in the process.  With these things happening as in any relationship, then #3 happens; questions develop.  I’ve been asked some questions through Facebook, emails, messages and live events; and I would love to share some of them with you.  So here it goes…

Q- How do you have time to do all of the things that you do? aswfgrhjgtrffgtf

A.  You may not know that my life is as hectic as it can be. I work full time (yes, I have a j.o.b.) and then I come home to my busy household with hubby and very busy boys. When they go to sleep, two things happen… either I work, or I crash.  I try to have weekly goals of what are my ‘must things to do’ with the business and I do my best to complete them.  My latest ‘go to’ place to help me with my daily goals at work and in my home & business life is Brandon Burchard’s daily productivity sheet — here’s the link.  I’m a huge fan of it, and I’ve put that into action for a bit and printing out and filling this sheet every morning has helped me to become much more productive than before.  I notice that I struggle like many with time management.  I can’t say that I have mastered this, but I am well on my way.  I’ve also noticed a huge decline in how much TV I watch.  I’m a lover of TV, but if I’m lost in it, then I’m not being productive.  I see that there are many amazing folks that get so many things done, and I want to become one of these folks too.  So, the answer to your question is?  I do what I can, when I can.  I understand that I have many things to do, and I don’t beat myself up too much if something isn’t done.  What needs to get done will get done, and it does.

Q.  Why lots of African designs?  african_trade_beads

A.  I get this one a lot, and it’s always fun to answer it. Growing up here, I was in a huge search to find myself, my ancestry, my roots, and my past.  When I was younger, I knew that my spirituality lied somewhere else, and with time, I discovered the world of the Orishas.  The spirituality came from West Africa, and everything was even more deep rooted once I found out that my ancestry was not only Indian from Venezuela, but also African.  During my search, it was just one aha moment after the other in finding out who I am, and in finding out my history.  I make African designs because their colors inspire me.  Some African designs come out of stories from their deities, especially the Yoruba pantheon and from their history.  It’s a way of me paying homage to those that came before me.  That is inspiring in itself, and although I also create other pieces not so Africanese (per se), I just want to bring some of the old into the new world, so that it’s not forgotten.  Just like I’d like my children’s children to remember me… I’d like the world to remember some of its past and beauty.

Q.  How do you design a piece?  Finding your creative muse

A.  Sometimes I am inspired by a story, and I try to use the colors of that foretold story. Sometimes, I get images in a dream.  I posted about this a while ago when I woke up and I had to make this necklace (and I did get up and made them.)  Sometimes, I start doodling in a notebook and a design appears.  Sometimes, I’ll get ideas from the world around me, or a design will come after making a custom piece for someone. There are times that I’m admiring someone’s creative work and ideas begin to form in my head.  From time to time, I create my work station, and with raw materials, just create.  There isn’t just one way that the pieces are created, but it’s fun to create! I am blessed to have the creative muses visit me from time to time.

 Q.  Why not so many OOAKs? (One of a kinds) 


A.  There is nothing more fun that creating a single piece, unique, and only created once. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your finished jewelry piece with wild colors, and materials that I may or may not find again.  However, that type of passion and love comes at a price.  To create a piece that is unique comes with many hours of work, and then the time for the photography and editing the images, then the words to creatively describe the piece, and then to post it and promote it.  Then, when someone buys it, it’s gone, totally gone.  Then I’m asked whether I can get it back, whether I can make another one ‘just like it’, or if I can make one in another color.  The challenge comes that if I then have to run to different vendors to try to find the same materials that I once had, or find something similar, that takes time – then the price that should be charged would be outrageous.  I decided that I will still make them, but stick to my guns when I say that it’s a One of a Kind piece and let the buyer of that piece really enjoy its uniqueness.  In short, yes, I will keep making OOAKs, so if you want a deliciously unique piece, then definitely keep a look out for them.  They will keep coming, not as often, but yes, they’ll be around!

Q.  What’s coming up with your jewelry?  Coming soon

A.  Ooooh, I’m so excited about this. I am creating a jewelry line, which can be made each time for each person.  It will be from a line of designs and that way, I’ll be able to be more effective at working and delivering designs to my wonderful customers. They can still get something handcrafted for them, and I can spend time working on new designs that will be able to be enjoyed by more people.  I’d like to unveil my new line in the Spring sometime.  Many of them will be in Sterling Silver and I’m totally stoked about that!  I honestly cannot wait to finish designing my new line!

Q.  What are your upcoming personal goals?  Goals

A.  This is such a big question, and I have many personal goals. I’ll narrow them out so that I don’t bore you on this post; here are some.

  1. To have better time management – There are so many things that I want to do, and I just want to be better at getting them done.

    1. I’d like to be better at finishing projects better – I have some hats that have yet to be finished, and I’d like to do it.

  2. To sew more things again – I miss sewing stuff, and haven’t made the time to do it. It’s enjoyable for me to sew, and even with the frustrations of when things don’t work out according to plan; it’s still fun.  (Maybe some mittens!)

  3. To knit and crochet a little more – This is another creative aspect that I miss.  It’s nice to be able to paint with yarn.

  4. To make, review and hit my goals.–  I’ve been working on this for a bit, because you could think of your goals, but if you don’t see them often and review them, then you can’t make adjustment in order to hit them.

  5. Not to lose myself with work and business – I want to always keep in mind that Family comes first! No matter how crazy it gets, I want to always make time for my most important people… MY FAMILY!

QuestionsNow, that I’ve shared some of myself with you.  Are there some questions that you’d like to ask me?  Ask away!  Got any comments?  Leave them comment below, tweet to me, or let’s continue the conversation on my Facebook page!


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